All illustrations and pictures are artistic impressions only


All illustrations and pictures are artistic impressions only
Borivali is a booming business zone & one of the major upcoming suburbs of Mumbai
Reasons why Borivali is popular:

Infrastructure-In the entire Mumbai, there is nothing as alluring as the infrastructure of Borivali. It provides all its residents with ample facilities like colleges, shopping malls, hospitals and so on. Borivali has the highest amount of natural reserve in the city- namely Sanjay Gandhi National Park as well as the Kanheri Caves which is an amazing spot for tourist attraction.

Social Spots- Borivali is known as the social hub of Mumbai as most of the facaility which a person desries are available within the vicinity itselfUpcoming projects- There are a number of projects that are being developed in Borivali. The flats in Borivali are very luxurious within the affordable range. There are a lot of flats in Borivali East near the national park which are very nice spots for the tourists as well.

Rental Values-If you invest in a real estate in the Borivali area, then you can be sure of the fact that you will be able to have a steady source of recurring income from the property.

Now that you know about why Borivali is such a booming place to reside in, you would also understand that staying here can have a lot of benefits for you as well. So why wait anymore?

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